Gaj Arts

Manufacturer and Exporter of Indian Marble Handicrafts

  • Traditional Indian Women
  • Lord Buddha
  • Stone Elephants
  • God Krishna

RAJASTHAN (INDIA), the land of Rajas (kings), is world renowned for its art and craft. Within the state, more so Udaipur enjoys a distinguished reputation for producing Marble elegant and artistic handicrafts. A plethora of artisans and craftsmen under the princely rule flourished because of being accorded with appreciation for their creativity. With the influx of international tourists in India in general and in Rajasthan in particular, these artisans were found to meet even the global taste.

We, at Gaj Arts, provide the platform to both artisans and connoisseurs of art. Some believe beauty is that which is visible to the eye while some think it is an intrinsic quality. We, at Gaj Arts, understand that it is both – internal and external. Therefore, we apply the Total Quality Management (TQM) approach in creating our artifacts. From procuring the finest grade raw-materials to giving a modern twist to the designs to selecting the best artisans in the field; it all comes together in the end result: beauty! Beauty is the thread that unifies all our works of art; but our products span various forms and sizes.